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16 Apr
          Hong Kong people, particularly women, have a peculiar habit when they shop in supermarkets or wet markets. This habit is not only peculiar to Hong Kong people. It is peculiar to most Asians. Most Westerners do not have this peculiar habit. The word “peculiar” means unusual or strange but used this way it means belonging to or found only in a particular group of people. A wet market is a market, usually an open-air one, which sells fresh meat, vegetables, and live poultry, such as chicken. Wet markets in Hong Kong are no longer allowed to sell live poultry. The peculiar habit Hong Kong people have is that they don’t just pick up the things they want to buy and put them in their shopping carts.

          Most Hong Kong people, particularly women, will look at what they want for a long time, feel the things they want to buy, then pick up another one of the same item and look at it, then pick up yet another one and look at it. If they are buying refrigerated meat, they will look at four or five of the same item before choosing one. If they are buying fruit, such as apples or oranges, they will bounce the fruit in their hands, smell it, and then put it down and pick up another one to do the same thing. Sometimes they will pick up numerous oranges one by one and bounce them in their hands several times before choosing one.

          If you bounce something in your hand, it means you throw it up and then catch it again. It really bugs me when I want to buy apples or oranges and the people in front of me are blocking me because they are feeling, smelling, and bouncing the fruit in their hands. If something bugs you, it means it irritates you. Whenever this happens, I just walk away and buy other things I need first. I have noticed that Westerners seldom have this peculiar habit. They just pick up the things they want and put them in their shopping carts.


          香港人,尤其是女士們,在逛超市或街市時,都有個特別的(peculiar)習慣。這個習慣也不是香港人獨有的(peculiar),而是大部份亞洲人所特有的(peculiar);大部份西方人就沒有此特別的(peculiar)的習慣。Peculiar是指與眾不同的、古怪的,但在這裏則指獨有的,只在特定的人群中找到。A wet market就是街市,多是露天的,賣鮮肉、蔬菜和活家禽,例如雞。不過,香港的街市(wet market)已不可賣活家禽了。香港人獨有的(peculiar)習慣就是,他們不會只拿起他們想買的東西,直接放進購物車中。


          若你用手bounce something,即是說你用手拋起又接回某物。當我想買蘋果或橙,但前面有人在阻着我,因為他們正在觸摸、嗅着、在手中拋接(bouncing)生果時,就令我很煩擾(bugs)。若某事bugs you,即是說它令你很心煩或惱怒。每當發生這樣的情況,我就會走開,先買其他需要的貨品。我留意到西方人鮮有這般特別的(peculiar)習慣,他們只會拿起想要的東西,直接放進購物車中。


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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Michael Kwan
Michael Kwan 2019/04/17 19:15:29 回覆

Dear Michael,

Don't define anything which westerners do not do as peculiar. There are many reasons why they don't choose fruits by toching them or smelling them. Say, they may have low demands on quality of such items (look, they are easily satisfied by eating a ham sandwich as lunch) or they don't even know how to distinguish bad from good by touching and smelling the fruits. If you know what QC is in a factory, you will understand why people need to touch and smell. If you don't, I am speechless to converse with you.

Are you trying to say that consumers have no right to do QC like picking a better quality food item? Are you saying that doing this is classified as peculiar? Are you saying that all items are the same in supermarkets? Then can you explain to me why A's new iPhone X malfunctions after two days but B's iPhone X still works perfectly adter two years?

Michael Kwan




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Retired MH
Retired MH 2019/09/21

Hi Michael,

"Mull over" is not first time appeared in your articles.  Your ariticle "The tenet of democracy" in Oct-2017 used this phrase before.

Agmus Smith
Agmus Smith 2019/08/27

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Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter 2019/08/18

Michael, if you buy only one any of your mentioned items in your this article, I do think police has no excuse to arrest you.  Will you buy ten umbrellas or knives at a time? It would be ok if you can give your explanation.  If I were the head of student union and told you I got ten high power laser pointers to view stars at a time, I think only morons will believe my explanation.  I have been reading your articles for over three years but this is my first time to feel very dissappointed you wrote such nonsense article this time.