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30 Jul
          People with bulging bellies know it is difficult to conceal (hide) them. It is better to get rid of bulging bellies than to conceal them but doing that requires a lot of time and effort. The word “bulging” used this way means sticking out in a round shape. The word “belly” means stomach. A bulging belly means a fat stomach. I have tried hard to get rid of my bulging belly. I tried a low carbohydrate diet but stopped because I don’t have the time to cook low carbohydrate meals. I am now trying intermittent fasting, which means not eating for a period of time, eating again, then not eating again. The type I chose requires fasting (not eating) for 16 hours.

          The best way to conceal a bulging belly is to wear black clothes. The worst way is to wear white clothes. Luckily, I like to wear black shirts. This conceals my bulging belly. But wearing black clothes nowadays can be dangerous. Many people who join protests against the extradition bill wear black clothes. On July 21, mobs with triad backgrounds wearing white clothes attacked people wearing black clothes at the Yuen Long train station. Some of those wearing black clothes were returning home after joining a protest. Others wearing black clothes were just commuters but the mobs attacked them anyway. The word “mob” means an angry crowd of people who often cause violence.

          After the Yuen Long violence, many people are afraid to wear black or white clothes. They fear that if they wear black clothes they could be mistaken for protesters and attacked by triad mobs. They fear that if they wear white clothes, they could be mistaken for Yuen Long triads and risk revenge attacks. I am now considering wearing shirts that are black on the right side and white on the left. I will wear pants(trousers) that are black on the left leg and white on the right leg. I will wear a face mask that is white on one side and black on the other side. But I am worried people will think I am a clown.


          挺着鼓脹肚腩(bulging bellies)的人都知道,要把肚腩藏起來(conceal)是頗難的。與其隱藏(conceal)凸起的肚子(bulging bellies),不如盡力消滅它,但這需要很多的時間與心力。Bulging在這裏是指圓圓的凸出;belly 就是腹部。A bulging belly 就是肥大的肚腩。我已很努力地去除掉我那鼓凸的肚腩(bulging belly)。我曾試過一個低醣飲食但停了,因為我沒有時間去煮低醣的餐單。我現在正嘗試間歇性斷食法(intermittent fasting),意思即是斷食一段時間,之後進食,然後又再斷食。我選擇的那一種需要斷食(fasting)十六個小時。

          要把一個鼓脹的肚腩(bulging belly)藏起來(conceal),最好的方法是穿黑衣,最差的方法就是穿白衣。幸而,我喜歡穿黑衣,這就能藏起(conceals)我那凸出的肚腩(bulging belly)。然而,今時今日穿黑衣可以很危險。許多參與示威反對引渡條例的人都穿黑衣。





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mikemike123 2019/07/31 16:56:37 回覆

Well, that's funny but well said. Hope Hong Kong will get well soon.