quid pro quo.

2021/05/11 04:12:44 網誌分類: 生活
11 May
          Just two weeks ago, I was a proponent (supporter) of coronavirus vaccines. In my previous column, I urged Hong Kong people to get ...

Under The Weather

2021/05/07 04:13:20 網誌分類: 生活
07 May
          Last Tuesday morning I had a feeling of foreboding mixed with euphoria. The feeling of foreboding and euphoria stayed with me as I...

A “salt-and-pepper” beard

2021/05/04 04:13:05 網誌分類: 生活
04 May
          Since calling it quits, I have become free and easy. As I explained in a previous column, to “call it quits” means to stop doing s...

Until hell freezes over

2021/04/29 04:12:47 網誌分類: 生活
29 Apr
          Some religions, particularly the Christian religion which follows the Bible, believe there is a Heaven and Hell. At the end of the...

To“call it quits”.

2021/04/27 04:12:48 網誌分類: 生活
27 Apr
          Some of you may know I have called it quits. To "call it quits" means to stop doing something or to stop working. I have decided t...


2021/04/22 04:13:03 網誌分類: 生活
22 Apr
          Science knows no limits. Who would have thought people can land on the moon. Yet the US first put two astronauts on the moon in 19...

Small beer

2021/04/20 04:13:14 網誌分類: 生活
20 Apr
          Many Hong Kong people may not know the meaning of "small beer". A Western commentator used it last week when he described the curr...

A Cantankerous Old Sod

2021/04/15 04:13:03 網誌分類: 生活
15 Apr
          Last week, after Britain’s Prince Philip died aged 99, media organizations interviewed British people for their views of him. One ...

The ton

2021/04/13 04:12:48 網誌分類: 生活
13 Apr
          There is an unusual drama series on Netflix called Bridgerton. It is about the London wealthy class in 1813 during the reign of Qu...


2021/04/01 04:13:07 網誌分類: 生活
01 Apr
          Today is April Fools’ Day. When I was young, my friends and I tried to outwit each other with April Fools’ pranks. Many media orga...