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08 Aug
          A new type of meatless hamburger has become all the rage in the US. Even expensive restaurants have included these meatless hamburgers in their menus. Meatless hamburgers have been around for a long time. So why is this new type all the rage in the US? It is because there is a world of difference between this new type of meatless hamburger and the types that have been around for a long time. If something is “all the rage” it means it is very popular. If someone has been around, it means that person has a lot of experience. But if something has been around for a long time, it means it has existed for a long time. The expression “world of difference” means very different.

          There is a world of difference between the new meatless hamburgers and the types that have been around for a long time because the new type of hamburger uses very different ingredients and tastes very different. The older types use beans or soybeans. These burgers don’t taste like meat. The new type, produced by a US company called Beyond Meat, uses plant-based ingredients. It tastes and looks like real meat. It even cooks like real meat! I recently bought a packet and grilled one of the burgers. As it cooked, red juices began to come out, just like from a burger made with beef. I was stunned(surprised). But I have to admit although it looked, cooked, and tasted like a real burger, it wasn’t as juicy as a real burger.

          It is all the rage in the US because it is far more environmentally-friendly than real beef burgers. Several studies have shown that producing this new type of burger uses far less water, land, and energy, and doesn’t affect climate change as much as producing beef burgers. The new plant-based burger contains all the nutrients of a real beef burger. Unlike the old types of meatless burgers, the new type also doesn’t have gluten, which many people are allergic to. I wonder if it will become all the rage in Hong Kong too.


          一款新興的無肉漢堡,在美國風靡一時(all the rage),就連高檔餐廳也要在餐牌中加入這款無肉漢堡。無肉漢堡已出現了(been around)好一段時間,那為何這款新的無肉漢堡又會流行(all the rage)起來呢?那是因為這款新的無肉漢堡,跟之前面市(been around)好一段時間的那些種類,實有天淵之別(world of difference)。若某事是 all the rage,即是說它非常流行、時興。若說某人 has been around,即是說那人很有閱歷;但若某事 has been around for a long time,即是說它已存在、面世了很久。習語 world of difference即差別很大,有天壤之別。

          這款新的無肉漢堡跟之前已出現(been around)良久的那些款式有天淵之別(world of difference),是因為這新款的漢堡用了很不同的配料,味道也很不一樣。舊式的那些是用上豆類或大豆,造出來的漢堡包吃來不像肉類。新款的漢堡則由一家美國公司「超越肉類」(Beyond Meat)所製,用的是植物性的配料,味道和賣相也像真的肉類,甚至連烹煮起來也像真肉!我最近就買了一包,烤炙其中一塊漢堡,烹製的時候,紅色的汁液會流出來,一如用牛肉製成的漢堡。我驚呆(stunned)了。不過我也得承認,即使它看起來、煮起來、吃起來像真漢堡,它還不如一個真漢堡般多汁。

          它在美國很火紅(all the rage),因為它比真的牛肉漢堡要來得環保。好些研究也顯示,製造這款新漢堡用得更少水、土地和能源,也沒有製造牛肉漢堡那麼影響氣候變化。這款植物肉漢堡亦包含了真牛肉漢堡的所有營養。不像舊式的無肉漢堡,這個新的款式也不含麩質,就是許多人對之有過敏反應的蛋白質。我很好奇它是否也會在香港風行(all the rage)起來呢?


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧
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Yes, I agree that there are many rotten apples working in the government.  I mean those getting salary from the government but opposing the CCP.  Shame on those rotten apples.  They should resign from the government.

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