Kicking up a stink

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02 Jun
          Something so bizarrely outlandish happened in the Legislative Council last week that I laughed even though it was not a laughing matter. Opposition legislator Hui Chi-fung, who opposes the national anthem bill, tried to disrupt(interrupt)debate of the bill by throwing a container of foul-smelling rotten plants at the Legco president Leung Kwan-yuen. It caused such a stink (very bad smell) in the Legco chamber that Leung Kwan-yuen had to temporarily postpone the national anthem debate. What Hui Chi-fung did was bizarrely outlandish because it was so unusual. The word "bizarre" means something so strange or unusual that it amuses people. The word "outlandish" means very strange, funny, or extraordinary. If something is "not a laughing matter", it means people should not laugh about it.

          The expression "foul-smelling" means a very bad smell or stinky. The word "rotten" used this way means something that has gone bad. For example, if you put food, such as meat, in the sun for a long time, it will go rotten and cause a foul smell. You will get sick eating it. I saw many interesting headlines about what Hui Chi-fung did. One of the cleverest ones was "kicking up a stink". To "kick up a stink" means to complain loudly and strongly in a very visible way about something you disagree with. It is similar to the expression "kicking up a fuss". Hui Chi-fung opposes the national anthem law. That's why he kicked up a stink by throwing rotten and stinky plants at the Legco president.

          One pro-government legislator was so affected by the stink that she had to go to hospital. Some people said she was putting on a show. I don't know if that's true, so I won't pass judgement. But what I cannot understand is how Hui Chi-fung put the stinky rotten plant into a bag without feeling sick himself. Maybe he was wearing a facemask and could not smell the stink. But all Legco members were also wearing facemasks that day. I never knew rotten plants can be that stinky.


          上星期,立法會發生了一件怪誕離奇(bizarrely outlandish)的事情,令我忍俊不禁,雖然那不是鬧着玩的事(not a laughing matter)。反對訂立《國歌法》的反對派立法會議員許智峯,嘗試向立法會主席梁君彥扔擲一盆難聞的(foul-smelling)腐爛(rotten)植物,以圖中斷(disrupt)草案的二讀辯論。它為立法會會議廳帶來一陣惡臭(stink),令梁君彥不得不暫緩《國歌法》的辯論。許智峯所做的事是Bizarrely outlandish,因為那實在很不尋常。Bizarre是古怪的、奇異的,奇葩得令人發笑;Outlandish則指稀奇古怪的、逗趣的、怪異的。若某事is “not a laughing matter”,意即那不是用來開玩笑的事,人們不應發笑。

          習語“foul-smelling”是指一陣非常難聞的氣味,又或發出惡臭的(stinky)。“Rotten”在這裏是指已腐爛的東西。譬如,你將食物,例如肉類,長時間放在陽光底下,它就會腐爛(rotten)而發出惡臭(foul smell),你吃的話就會生病。關於許智峯所做的事,我看過許多有趣的報道標題,其中一個最聰明的是“kicking up a stink”。To “kick up a stink”是指大聲、強烈地公開投訴或抗議一樣你不同意的事,它跟習語“kicking up a fuss”相類似。許智峯反對《國歌法》,因此他大吵大鬧(kicked up a stink),向立法會主席扔擲腐爛(rotten)和發臭(stinky)的盆栽。




        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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djfisdhi 2020/08/12





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SCY 2020/08/08

Yes, I agree that there are many rotten apples working in the government.  I mean those getting salary from the government but opposing the CCP.  Shame on those rotten apples.  They should resign from the government.

sunnyyiq 2020/08/07

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