外國人評論中印二國人:是不是因为中国人比印度人更聪明,所以中国才比印度发展得更快? 现在我的答案是:

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外國人評論中印二國人:是不是因为中国人比印度人更聪明,所以中国才比印度发展得更快? 是不是因为中国人比印度人更聪明,所以中国才比印度发展得更快? 以下是Quora读者的评论: Sam Arora(2020年6月1日答) 1.The Chinese kept their culture, their values, their work ethics, good Karma, intact, they do not give two hoots to the western culture/values/ in fact they joke. South Asians never stopped licking colonial shoes, even if they let us loose in 1947. And sure Westerns have a lot of good things and at the same time they have cyanide for the South Asian, that is their culture, great for them but our boys and girls made it a fashion to copy. 2.The Chinese may or may not give anything else but they do not give up being Chinese at all. 1.中国人保留了他们的文化、价值观、职业道德、善业,他们没有对西方文化/价值观发出嘘声,他们只会开个玩笑。南亚人从未停止向殖民者献媚,即使他们在1947年才把自游还给我们。当然了,西方国家也有很多好东西,但同时他们也给南亚人带去毒瘤,这是他们的文化,对他们来说很棒,但是我们的男孩和女孩只是一味模仿,并以此为时尚。 2.中国人可能会放弃任何东西,也可能不会,但他们不会放弃自己作为中国人的身份。 Now the answer: 1.I have worked with the Chinese at various levels, including grad school, and know a bit about them. ( I have worked with them at various levels, including classmates soon it will be close to fifty years. I visited China six times. 2.No, they are not more or less intelligent than the median population of the world. They utilize whatever they have, over the thousands of years of Buddhism/Taoism/Confucianism they are hardwired to mind their own business/Karma/and hard work. 3.However, hard work, devotion, discipline, teamwork, and extremely high productivity make them win whatever they do. 4.In case a Chinese is a student, he/she is a student, devotes body and soul to studies. 5.In case a Chinese is a shoemaker, he/she makes shoes and devotes body and soul to it. 6.In case a Chinese is a Brain Surgeon, he/she wants to be the best brain surgeon. 现在我的答案是: 1.我和不同阶层的中国人一起工作过,包括研究生院里的人,对他们有些了解。(我和不同阶层的中国人一起工作过,包括我的同学,在近50年间,我去过中国六次。) 2.不,他们并没有比世界上的普通人聪明多少。他们充分利用了他们所拥有的一切,在几千年的佛教、道教、儒教历史中,他们专注于自己的事业、业力和辛勤劳作中。 3. 但是努力工作、奉献精神、纪律、团队合作和极高的生产力使他们无论做什么都无往不胜。 4. 如果一个中国人是学生,他/她就是一个全身心专注于学习的学生。 5. 如果一个中国人是鞋匠,他/她就是一个全身心专注于做鞋的鞋匠。 6. 如果一个中国人是脑外科医生,他/她绝对想成为最优秀的脑外科医生。 I have worked with almost every nationality in the world. 1.The Chinese workforce has relatively little gossip, water fountain talk, very little mushy stuff, who is screwing who. 2.Beautiful family life, the right balance. 3.Most of the Chinese are flyweight, eat balanced food, exercise, and live happily. 我几乎和世界上所有国家的人都合作过。 1.中国人很少散播闲言碎语,很少闲聊谁跟谁鬼混的事情。 2.家庭生活很幸福,有完美的平衡。 3.大多数中国人体重偏轻,饮食均衡,经常锻炼,生活幸福。 They are very frugal, first, save afterward they spend. six visits proved to me, that is the best system in the world for people of 1.4 billion. 1.Today the Chinese woman is one of the best killing forces in the world, means she enjoys a very respectable place/a super safe place/ and claims half of the sky. 2.The rest of the world is marinating in their filth. 3.Extreme low productivity. 他们非常节俭,先存钱后花钱。 我的六次中国之旅向我证明了,那是对14亿人口而言最高效的系统。 1.今天,中国妇女是世界上最强悍的势力之一,受到极大的尊重,有着极其的安全感,女性撑起半边天。 2.世界上的其他人都还在自己酿下的苦海中浮沉。 3.极端的低生产率。   来看印度.... 1.Total waste of time on useless fights on religions. 2.Some countries think they have made it, either they do not know the Chinese and China /, or they have very low I.Q/or do not know what is coming ahead. 3.Some countries have zero law and order, the judiciary is useless, and rapes/killing for money/kidnapping/ is the tradition. 4.There is no match for China’s infrastructure, one of a very efficient, safe, and affordable public transportation system. 1.把时间都浪费在宗教斗争上了。 2.一些国家认为他们已经成功了,他们要么不了解中国人和中国,要么智商太低,要么不知道以后会发生什么。 3.有些国家没有法律和秩序,司法系统毫无用处,强奸/杀人/绑架已经见怪不怪了。 4.中国的基础设施是一个非常高效、安全、经济实惠的公共交通系统,没有人能与之匹敌。 Sir/Madam: Talk to any Chinese in China; they do not compare themselves to anyone; they simply want to be the best. A.Rightly so, they are there, when you are in China, I had to pinch myself, this is China. B.Well, please go there, and see how the future will look like, and also see the continuous progress of 5000 years. You will see the past, present, and tomorrow when you will be at Shanghai’s Pearl Tower. C.The Chinese have found the true spirituality in Karma; everyone works from menial work to nuclear physicist to brain surgeon. D.The Chinese never forgot the lessons of Buddhism and Taoism and Confucianism and the blend of all three. E.They never forgot the good Karma, respecting teachers, elders, and the extreme care of their children. F.A few words on South Asia: That region will finally rot in their filth, look at the trolls from that area on the social media. 先生/女士:在中国,你可以和任何一个中国人交谈;他们不拿自己和任何人比较;他们只是想成为最好的自己。 A.没错,他们就在那里,当我在中国时,我不得不掐自己告诉自己,这是中国。 B.那么请去中国看看,未来会是什么样子,也看看中国5000年以来持续不断的进步。当你站在上海东方明珠塔边时,你会看到中国的过去、现在和明天。 C. 中国人在因果报应中找到了真正的灵性;无论从事着体力活到核物理学家到脑外科医生工作的所有人,都是如此。 D.中国人从来没有忘记佛教、道教和儒教以及三者的融合。 E.他们从来没有忘记善业,尊敬师长,爱护子女。 F.关于南亚,我想说几句:这个地区最终会在泥潭中腐烂,看看社交媒体上那个地区的喷子吧。 1.Look at their law and order. Look at their work ethics. Look at their judiciary. Look at their education system. Look at their infrastructure. Wasting time/money on fighting useless war/terrorism/and killing each other. Look at their poverty hunger farmer suicides illiteracy child poverty violent crime and taking several decades to get any justice even for minor civil cases. And Compare it with China, and find out how much life is left in that region. Not very long. 1.看看他们的法律和秩序。 看看他们的职业道德。 看看他们的司法系统。 看看们的教育体系。 看看他们的基础设施。 把时间/金钱浪费在无谓的战争/恐怖主义/自相残杀上。 看看他们的贫穷,饥饿的农民自杀,文盲儿童,贫穷,暴丽犯罪,花了几十年的时间希望获得正义,即使只是轻微的民事案件。 以及 把它和中国比较一下,看看那个地区还剩下多少生命。绝对长不了了   Swamy Krishna(2020年7月26日答) The Chinese are not more intelligent that the Indians. Indians are doing very well abroad, and are just as intelligent, or more, then the Chinese. However, The Chinese leadership is better than the Indian political leadership Earlier, China maintained policies that kept the economy very poor, stagnant, centrally controlled, vastly inefficient, and relatively isolated from the global economy. China has been among the world’s fastest-growing economies, a pace described by the World Bank as “the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history.” Such growth has enabled China, on average, to double its GDP every eight years and helped raise an estimated 800 million people out of poverty. China has become the world’s largest economy (on a purchasing power parity basis), manufacturer, merchandise trader, and holder of foreign exchange reserves. China is the largest U.S. merchandise trading partner, biggest source of imports, and third-largest U.S. export market. China is also the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities, which help fund the federal debt and keep U.S. interest rates low. 中国人并不比印度人聪明。印度人在国外做得很好,他们和中国人一样聪明,甚至更为聪明。但中国的领导层比印度优秀。 早些时候,中国的政策导致经济停滞不前、效率极低、与全球经济相对隔绝。中国一直是世界上增长最快的经济体之一,世界银行(world Bank)称这一速度是“历史上主要经济体中持续增长速度最快的”。这样的增长使得中国的GDP平均每8年就翻一番,并帮助大约8亿人摆脱了贫困。中国已成为世界上最大的经济体(按购买力平价计算)、制造商、商品贸易商和外汇储备持有者。中国是美国最大的商品贸易伙伴、最大的进口来源国和第三大出口市场。中国还是美国国债的最大海外持有者,这些债券帮助为联邦债务提供资金,并将美国利率保持在低位。   Balasubramaniam Kanthaswamy(2020年7月23日答) My son used to tell me when he used to do MS in the US about the difference between Indian Students and the Chinese students The Chinese spend all their time in understanding the fundamentals. Without understanding the basic fundamentals, they dont take the next step. They are much slower in the beginning and take a long time to understand the very basics of any principle, and then slowly they evolve their understanding. Once they have done so - any way any question is twisted - they can handle it because they understand the underlying concept. That is why they are so good in Engineering especially in Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering 我儿子在美国求学时曾经告诉我印度学生和中国学生的不同。 中国人把所有的时间都花在研究基础上。如果不搞懂基本原理,他们不会进行下一步。他们一开始的速度比较慢,要花很长时间去理解所有基本原理,然后慢慢地摸索出自己的理解。 等他们搞清楚了—无论哪个问题如何变化—他们都能处理,因为他们完全理解了基本的概念。 这就是为什么他们如此擅长工程,尤其是土木工程或机械工程的原因。 而印度人更愿意花时间解决基本问题,解决更多的问题,更加努力地学习。普通的印度人更喜欢解决问题,从解决方案中学习,不断提高自己的理解。 这意味着他们遇到问题时不知变通。 但这也意味着他们在商学、MBA或商业管理方面非常优秀,这些课程都是关于实例学习,并通过类似的解决方案来学习。 理想的公司应该是由中国人做研究工作,印度人做市场营销和商业策略的公司。这样的搭配能为公司赚取更多的钱。 不,我认为从未有过一个合适的比较研究,得出这样的结论。人们总是可以通过一些趣闻轶事来证明中国人或印度人更聪明,但这并不是一种科学主张。 印度无法与中国竞争。但是印度取得的任何成就都不是以人民的鲜血和眼泪为代价的。他们的发展速度较慢。 若你问我,我肯定更喜欢住在印度而不是中国。“失去自游等于失去一切”。 国民的智商水平确实对一个国家发展的速度和程度起着很大的作用,特别是在21世纪,一个国家需要发展先进的技术来发展经济。印度并不缺乏聪明人,它有来自高种姓的高质量人力资本,为印度的太空和核项目提供了大部分的智库。印度的问题是,正如你所指出的,印度人的平均智商并不高,具体来说是82。82的智商在白人或蒙古人种中排名第15位。一个平均智商为82的国家很难发展成一个成功的先进制造业经济体,这就是我们在印度所看到的。印度领导人应该集中精力利用基因和环境改善技术来提高国民的平均智商水平。 每个国家都有聪明人和普通人。领导层如何调动可利用的资源,决定了国家的繁荣和命运。 中国比印度发展得更快,因为裙带关系和附败情况相对较少。聪明的印度人通常会去国外展示自己的才能,而中国为自己人民在国内提供了充足的机会。因此他们比我们发展得快。 http://www.santaihu.com/p/50504.html1

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