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Has Revolt Started In America? Also, Why The Moonies And Nazis Tried To Kill This Writer Last Week


by Benjamin Fulford, July 3, 2012

本傑明 富爾福德 2012年7月3日

The long expected hot summer of discontent in the US has started with extremely suspicious “forest fires” disintegrating houses and chimneys into white ash but leaving trees and grass intact
near known Nazi underground bases in Colorado and with a “week-long” power outage around Washington DC following a “freak super-storm.”




Also, the White Dragon Society has now obtained original documents signed personally by US President John F. Kennedy and President Sukarno of Indonesia allocating the gold to be used to back the accord signed at the “Green Hilton Memorial Building, Geneva.”


Plus, this writer was approached after a speaking engagement on June 30th in Tokyo by an English speaking Asian man (probably Korean judging by accent) who asked to shake my hand and then stabbed my wrist with a needle.

另外,筆者在6月30日在東京演講之後被一個說英語的亞洲人(從口音判斷也許是韓國人)接近,他請求和我握手然後用一個針刺傷了我的手腕。 (譯註:大衛威爾科克7月1日更新,他的一個非常非常高級的內部線人受到生化武器攻擊突發心髒病,也是這種注射的方式。本傑明已經聯繫了大衛問了詳細情況,現在已經三天了,本傑明未出現什麼症狀。)

The needle stabbing took place after a talk in which I described some of the testimony being given by recently arrested fugitives from the Aum Shinrikyo sect that was responsible for spreading Sarin gas within the Tokyo Subway system. The suspects are saying the entire incident was ordered by Kim Jong Il, who has long worked hand in hand with the Nazi Odessa underworld aiming to establish a “New World Order.”

針刺發生在一個演講之後,在演講裡面我描述了一些由最近逮捕的奧姆真理教的逃亡者的證詞,他為在東京地鐵系統內擴散沙林毒氣負責。嫌疑人(譯註:指這個放毒氣的人)說整個事件都是由金正日指使的,金正日一直與納粹全球黑社會(Nazi Odessa underworlding)密切合作企圖建立一個“新世界秩序”。

This writer remembers news reports in the official Jiji and Kyodo News agencies from the day of the attack describing balloons arriving from North Korea on the same day bearing unknown liquids and propaganda leaflets. The articles were quickly scrubbed and attempts by this writer to follow up at the time were met with veiled threats.


In any case, this writer sucked at the needle wound in an attempt to remove any toxins and feels fine as of this writing on July 3rd.


It is also worth pointing out that this writer is physically fit (I go on 50 mile bike rides) and has no heart or cholesterol problems despite being slightly overweight. Stieg Larsson, the author of the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” died of a heart attack at age 50 shortly after writing his fictional trilogy clearly based on real Nazi types he ran into as a journalist. Murder by heart attack has been a standard Nazi tactic in the post-war years. This writer also received warnings about a possible heart attack attack before the needle stabbing incident.

也值得指出,雖然有點輕微超重,但是筆者身體健康(我可以騎車50英里)並且沒有心臟或者膽固醇問題。斯蒂格.拉森(Stieg Larsson),《龍紋身的女孩》(“Girl with the Dragon Tatto”)的作者,在寫完基於真實納粹類虛構三部曲之後死於心髒病,年僅50歲,這個納粹故事是他在當記者時遇到的。在戰後年代裡,以心髒病方式謀殺已經成為一個典型納粹戰術。筆者也在針刺事件之前收到可能的心髒病襲擊警告。

Here is a message to Reverend Moon, Kim Jong-un, Lee Myung-bak, Yasuhiro Nakasone, George Bush Senior, Baron Fritz Thysen, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Pope Ratzinger and other senior Nazis: “if this writer dies of any cause whatsoever without leaving a handwritten will you and your entire extended families will be hunted down and killed.”

這是給月亮牧師(譯註:Reverend Moon, 一個想接管世界的宗教狂)的一個消息,金正恩、李明博、中曾根康弘,老布什,弗里茨·蒂森男爵(Baron Fritz Thysen),彼得漢斯Kolvenbach(Peter Hans Kovenbach,譯註:前黑衣主教,耶穌會總會長),拉青格教宗(Pope Ratzingger)以及其他一些高級納粹分子:“如果筆者死於任何無論什麼原因而沒有留下手寫遺囑,你們和你們全家將會被窮追直至抓住和殺死。”

This is a matter of legitimate self-defense. The members of the cabal are advised to look out their windows and behind their backs to confirm that they are being followed and watched 24/7. We want a peaceful resolution and a win-win solution to the ongoing financial war but are prepared for worse.


In any case, the Aum subway gas attack was an experiment by the Nazi faction to see if a manufactured terrorist incident could be used to establish a fascist dictatorship in Japan. The answer turned out to be no.


Now, the senior members of this sect who were recently arrested have also added to the growing body of evidence that it was this same group that was responsible for the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attacks against Japan in 2011.


This cabal also engineered the Hurricane Katrina weather modification warfare attack on New Orleans to see if Americans could be forced into concentration camps in the event of a “natural disaster.” For those of you who still do not think weather modification warfare is real please search news archives for June 18th to 20th 1975 editions of papers like the Washington Post and New York times and read about the treaty signed then between the Soviet Union and the United States not to attack each other with weather modification and earthquake weapons.


Returning to the documents signed by Presidents Kennedy and Sukarno, these are clearly smoking gun type evidence providing criminally indictable details about the theft of thousands upon thousands of tons of gold (not the millions of tons talked about) by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank.

回到肯尼​​迪總統和蘇加諾總統簽署的文檔上,這些確鑿證據提供了可用於起訴的細節犯罪證據,關於擁有聯邦儲備局和歐洲中央銀行的家族們盜竊成千上萬噸黃金的證據。 (所說的不是上百萬噸)

The reason the Europeans announced for the 19th or 20th time that they had “solved” the European financial crisis and only got a “dead cat bounce” from the market is because they have cried wolf more than once too often.


The fact of the matter is that the BIS is under lockdown and no new funny money based on forged Asian (dragon family etc.) gold certificates is being put into the system. The Europeans (except for the Germans) then realized their “real” economies were mostly non-existent and that their massive “financial services” sectors were largely based on fraud.


All this means is that Europeans will once again go back to the legendary work ethic that made them world dominating powers in the first place. It is like a junkie going cold-turkey, it hurts at first but it is actually benefiting them.


The situation in the US is actually harder to read. It seems that Drake has called for drastic military action to make the US free by July 4th. When the smoke clears we may or may not find out if he succeeded.


The White Dragon Society, for its part, is negotiating with cabalists for a peaceful transition and expects these negotiations to drag on through the summer. However, it may be that less forgiving and more impatient forces will make changes on the ground before these negotiations conclude .


If that is the case, the Asian creditors to the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank will have to negotiate with the new powers on the ground.


Europeans and Americans need to take note and learn from Iceland, debts owed by bankers are not the people's debts. If the big banks go under, they will not be able to force average citizens to pay their fraudulent debts. In other words, Europeans, Americans and Japanese can be freed from debt slavery.


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