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09 Nov
          In my previous column I wrote about fluffernutter, which Merriam-Webster has added to its online dictionary as a new word. The word is not new but has become popular. As I explained, a fluffernutter is a sandwich using two slices of white bread. One slice has a thick layer of peanut butter and the other slice a thick layer of marshmallow crème, which is made with corn syrup, sugar syrup, vanilla flavour, and egg whites. It tastes like marshmallows. Marshmallow crème (crème is French for cream) is thick and gooey. The word “gooey” means very soft and sticky. People who eat fluffernutters usually have gooey cream on their lips!

          I have never eaten a fluffernutter but may try one for the hell of it. The expression “for the hell of it” means doing something just for fun without any serious reason. S’mores are also very gooey. A s’more is made with marshmallows toasted over campfire or barbecue coal. Chocolate is put on one or both sides of the toasted marshmallows. This is put in between two sweet-flavoured crackers called Graham crackers to make a sandwich. S’mores are very popular in North America. I tried one many years ago for the hell of it. It was gooey and too sweet. I don’t have a sweet tooth. If you have a sweet tooth, it means you like eating sweet things.

          Believe it or not, there is something called fluffernutter wontons! I have never tried them but may for the hell of it. Fluffernutter wontons are made using wonton wrappers. A teaspoon of peanut butter, a teaspoon of marshmallow crème, and about 5 chocolate chips are put into each wonton. The wonton is then deep-fried in oil for a few minutes to make a fluffernutter wonton. It is, of course, not like a real wonton because it is sweet. I definitely will not try to make it myself! But if you have a good cook in your home, try it. Let me know how it tastes!


          在上一篇文章中,我寫到fluffernutter,一個韋氏字典將之加進網上字典裏的新字。這個字並不新,但近年愈趨流行。正如我所解釋的,a fluffernutter就是花生醬棉花糖三文治:用片白麵包夾成,一片塗上厚厚的花生醬,另一片則塗上厚厚的棉花糖醬(marshmallow crème),這醬是用玉米糖漿、糖漿、雲呢拿香油與蛋白混合而成的,味道就像棉花糖般。棉花糖醬(marshmallow crème,crème是忌廉的法語)是濃厚而gooey的——gooey日即軟而黏糊的。人們吃花生醬棉花糖三文治(fluffernutters)的時候,唇上往往沾上黏黏的(gooey)的忌廉!

          我從未吃過花生醬棉花糖三文治(fluffernutter),但為了好玩(for the hell of it)我會想試一個。習語“for the hell of it”是指做某事並非出於甚麼嚴肅的原因,純粹鬧着玩。S’mores也是非常黏稠的(gooey)。A s’more就是烤棉花糖朱古力餅,是用營火或燒烤炭去烤棉花糖,再將朱古力放在烤棉花糖的一邊或兩邊,然後放在兩片甜味的全麥餅中間,去製成三文治。烤棉花糖朱古力餅(s’more)在北美非常受歡迎,我多年前鬧着玩(for the hell of it)試了一件,它真的很黏(gooey),也太甜了。我沒有sweet tooth——若你有a sweet tooth,意即你喜歡吃甜食。

          信不信由你,世上還有一種食物叫fluffernutter wontons!我從未吃過,但為了好玩(for the hell of it)也會試一試。Fluffernutter wontons是用雲吞皮包成的,每顆雲吞內包着一茶匙的花生醬、一茶匙的棉花糖醬(marshmallow crème)以及五粒朱古力粒,然後將雲吞放滾油中炸幾分鐘,就成了花生醬棉花糖雲吞(fluffernutter wonton)。它當然不像真正的雲吞,因為是甜的。我就絕對不會嘗試親手去弄了!但如果你家中有廚藝了得的人,即管試試吧,再告訴我味道如何!


        Michael Chugani 褚簡寧

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