Wedding card Mode and Model Text

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Wedding card are an indispensable form and etiquette for weddings. Although there are many forms of inviting guests, invitation is still the mainstream. How to write wedding invitations? Let's study together!
1. How to write wedding card
Wedding card generally have two writing formats, one is the traditional horizontal writing mode, the other is a novel vertical writing mode. Generally, horizontal writing is common, while vertical writing should be written from right to left.
1. Salutation
In general, the name of the invited guest should be written in the top box. To show respect for the guests, do not use nicknames or nicknames, and add the words "student" or "lady" after the name.
2. Text
The body is the main character of the invitation. The newlyweds must write the text in an organized way, and clearly write down the time, place, method of the wedding and the transportation route of the hotel.
3. End
At the end of the invitation, you should usually write polite greetings, such as "greetings", "sincere", "sincere greetings" and "please come".
4. Signature
The signature usually includes the names of the bride and groom or the parents and the date of posting.
2. Notes on Writing wedding card
1. Specify the invitation object
Marriage is a thing worth celebrating and blessing. Generally speaking, relatives, friends and leaders of the new couple will attend. In order to avoid omission and repetition, you must list the invitees before writing the invitation letter and make full preparations.
2. Specify the place and time of the wedding banquet
The number of wedding card is quite large, so the newlyweds must carefully check whether the location and time of the wedding banquet are marked. Generally speaking, in order to prevent guests from forgetting or misreading the time, the dates in the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar should be written clearly, and it is better to add a bracket after the date of a week.
3. Purchase wedding card
The newlyweds pay special attention to all the small details in the wedding, especially for the post-80s and post-90s generation who pursue individuality. They hope to have some ideas in the invitation letter to highlight themselves. Therefore, when preparing, you can choose different styles of invitations according to the age of the guests. If you have time and artistic skills, you can also design or DIY.
4. Classification
New people should classify invitations according to the listed invitation objects and invitation types. If writing is troublesome, you can choose to print to improve efficiency and reduce the probability of errors.
3. Sample Invitation Letter for Wedding
Submit to Mr./Ms. Xiaohong. Xiaoming Taiqi:
This will be on Sunday, May 20, 2018_____ Hotels_____ The hall held weddings for ladies and gentlemen, and prepared a wedding banquet.
Please come here.
The handsome groom and lovely bride are invited
April 20, 2018
Mr./Ms. Xiaoming/Xiaohong:
The children's handsome and lovely lady booked_____ Hotels_____ The hall is ready for the wedding banquet, and we will be waiting for your presence at that time.
No introduction
A handsome man bows
April 20, 2018
Mr. (Ms.) Xiaoming (Xiaohong):
On May 20, 2018 (Sunday), the first day of the fourth lunar month, I would like to prepare a light drink for the handsome and lovely wedding, waiting for the arrival of the Xiaoming couple (or Xiaoming couple).
Address: XX Hall, 3rd Floor, No. 1000, Middle Yan'an Road
treat as
Invite handsome bridegroom and lovely bride (or write down their parents' names)
April 20, 2018
The newlyweds must abide by the writing rules when writing the wedding invitation, avoid joking, and also show their self-restraint.

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