To Sir With Love

2015/04/02 21:28:34 網誌分類: 生活
02 Apr


The venerable and popular English gentleman of the social club of which the writer is a member is going to return and retire in England after spending over twenty years working and living in Hong Kong.

This gentleman is a learned linguist and his British humour is well-received.

We all miss an excellent English teacher, a knowledgeable mentor and a sage friend who can proffer his acute observation and advice in an imaginative and hilarious way.

No wonder over forty people attended the farewell dinner Monday night after our club's regular meeting. Not only current but also ex-members were present. In addition, we had representatives from Canada, Germany, France and the States.

Vivid memories of encounters with our long-time friend were told. A beer drinking competition was held. Lots of photos were taken.

Most significantly, our club president presented to our gentleman souvenirs in the form of a pen engraved with the name of our gentleman and a little book brimming with cute photos and bottom-of-the-heart wishes of our members!

The witty speeches, prepared or spontaneous, of our dearest friend will be part of our fond memories.

Dr. Bird, your legacy to the club is enormous.

YOU are a legend!




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Thanks. Let me take a look.

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Netflix有一系列Street food asia也值得觀看

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