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21 Oct

Hong Kong is a well-known financial centre with an active capital market. Each year, numerous companies are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The economic opportunities emanated from the listing of companies are immense. It is BIG business. Naturally, company owners  would like to know more about the IPO procedures. Likewise, those aspiring and ambitious people who wish to be investment bankers, would want to have a grasp of the IPO procedures.

When in doubt or when you wish to learn more on a subject, nothing is better than to begin with finding a good book to read. Recently, a new informative book on this subject has appeared on the market - A Practical Handbook to Hong Kong IPOs 2016 (the "Handbook") published by CPD101.

The Handbook differs from other books on Hong Kong IPOs in several aspects. First, it has utilised new technology. By scanning the QR code using their mobile phone, the readers can see and listen to a short interview with different writers. It makes the book "4-dimensional".

Secondly, the materials are presented in an appealing way. There are colourful flow charts and tables making it fun to read and the hard facts less daunting and more digestible for layman.

Thirdly, the book covers different facets of IPOs, ranging from pre-IPO due diligence, appointment of professional advisors to a discussion of the VIE structure, setting up of risk management framework and corporate responsibility.

Last but not least, to facilitate the readers to seek consultation on particular subjects, contact details of the contributors of the chapters of the book are listed at the end. By initiating discussion with those people, IPO candidates can start to have a feel of what an IPO application is like and the people and costs that may be involved or incurred.

The contact list will also help those who want to snatch a job in investment banking.

The Handbook is undoubtedly a welcome addition to the IPO book market.

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