10 kinds of creative invitations, so that your wedding invitation card do not fall into the stereotypes

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09 Dec

I believe that everyone, like Xiaobian, will always receive various wedding invitation card. If one day you want to get married, what kind of wedding invitation card will become your first choice? What kind of wedding invitation card can brighten the eyes of relatives and friends? Today I sorted out some for reference only.
1. Exquisite atmosphere red series:
Traditional wedding customs always use bright red to set off the festival and warm atmosphere. Auspiciousness, blessing and filial piety are the main themes of the wedding. Almost every etiquette at the wedding is permeated with Chinese philosophy. Therefore, the red wedding invitation has always been favored by people, and it is reasonable.
The flowers on the wedding invitation card indicate that the couple's love has finally come true. Chinese red, combined with bronzing technology, is low-key, luxurious and meaningful.
Red envelopes with wedding invitation card always feel like red envelopes, but they are cool.
After reading these regular and orthodox red theme invitations, I want to say that, in fact, invitations are not the only ones that are used routinely. It is best to choose an invitation that meets your temperament.
2. Garden Creative Wedding Invitation
This is a special invitation with a strong sense of design. The quality is very high, but the price is not high. If you give it away, you will also have face. Do you like it?
3. Wedding Invitation of Tree Castle:
Green represents life and vitality. These two trees are intertwined with each other and attached with a wedding photo to share your most beautiful side with friends. I believe that children's fear of "red bombs" will also be slightly cured.
4. Qingxin Forest wedding invitation card
The meaty series makes the lovely meaty wedding cool in midsummer.
Use flowers, leaves, cacti and other green plants to make people feel comfortable at a glance, suitable for brides who like small and fresh.
5. Luxury Golden Creative Wedding Invitation
A gorgeous and brilliant "Jazz Age" style wedding card, coupled with matching handbag, makes the wedding more complete!
6. Fanhua Garden Western Theme Wedding Invitation
A wedding invitation card that can customize photos, processes and maps, plus the full page gold plating process of the home page, and the thickened design on the side of the envelope, you can't miss the gorgeous appearance!
7. Luxury Little Fresh Wedding Invitation
The small and fresh light blue and gold tones are suitable for you who plan to hold weddings in spring and summer. A dream wedding without atmosphere. Even Lord Huang has received the wedding invitation card!
8. Western style rich internal card envelope wedding invitation card
Are you still eager to receive wedding invitations with both western literary and artistic styles and aesthetic feelings?
This invitation letter can meet all your requirements for wedding quality and art.
Kraft paper and light green envelopes are decorated with string and flowers. The flow cards and menu cards with a unique sense of design are full of American humor.
9. Love to Love wedding invitation card
As the saying goes, we can either help each other or forget each other in the Jianghu. This slightly complicated invitation is always dazzling. If you are artistic, fresh and like flowers and plants, maybe this is your dish.
10. Elegant and romantic wedding invitation card
This group of republic style invitations let newlyweds relive the classics. At Chinese weddings, the bride in cheongsam is the most beautiful bride. Take guests to your Chinese themed wedding from the invitation card
The artifacts of the Republic of China are very exquisite, rich in meaning and exquisite in design. I like the style of the Republic of China very much. However, he tried to test people's temperament.
If you have a better idea, go ahead and choose the invitation letter that suits your temperament, and create the wedding that belongs to your dream! Don't let your wedding invitation fall into a rut!

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