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陰謀集團的投降條件 【柯博拉】2016年7月14日訊息

2016/07/16 05:31:58 網誌分類: 政治
16 Jul


There are Cabal surrender negotiations taking place behind the scenes, and the general population has a right to know what is going on and to communicate their perspective. So here I am putting the terms of surrender for public review and discussion.

The Rockefeller faction will most likely fight until their bitter end, but the rest of the Cabal will surrender when it gets unsafe enough for them. Many positive factions are getting increasingly impatient and increasingly capable of removing the Cabal from the planet.


Whatever is negotiated with Rothschilds must be negotiated with Jesuits and Black nobility families as well. Chimera group is not involved in these negotiations.


The purpose of negotiations is a peaceful transition, and not revenge against the Cabal.
They will get safety:


1. They can get assured that they will not be removed from the planet by any of the Earth based factions.

1. 他們可以不用擔心被任何地球派系抄家滅族。

2. They can keep their kitschy castles and lifestyles, but not more, so that amounts to a few billion US dollars. No trillions in bank accounts that could steer the planetary agenda, no control of the media, no access to advanced overunity technology, no position of power whatsoever. They will be integrated into the new society as the 'Other side of the coin advisers' and given a chance to reintegrate as 'Honorable members of the 'New Society' after they accept surrender to the Light.

2. 他們可以保有華宅美眷、城堡和土豪的生活方式,但是對他們的禮遇就到此為止。換句話說:他們可以保留數十億美元享受退休人生,但是他們不准再想要累積上兆美元的資產來推動影響世界的計劃。他們還有不能繼續控制媒體不得接觸先進超輸出科技不得擔任任何有實權的職位…等等的限制條件。他們會以顧問的身分加入新社會並且提供關於”人性另一面”的諮詢服務。如果他們選擇棄暗投明,還能有機會成為新社會的”榮譽成員”。

They will need to mend their ways:


1. They will need to release control over the financial system, the media, the military and the politics worldwide immediately so the Reset can begin peacefully and much needed assistance is given to humanity

1. 他們必須立即放下對金融體系、媒體、軍隊和國際政界的控制;從而讓金融重置可以和平展開並且讓全人類獲得亟需的協助

2. They will need to appear in front of truth and reconciliation commission such as the ones in South Africa that were quite successful:

2. 他們必須出席真相調查和調解委員會舉辦的公聽會。南非成立的真相調查和調解委員會就是相當成功的例子:

3. They will need to coexist with humanity peacefully. One mistake, and they are removed.

3. 他們必須和全人類和平共存。假如他們明知故犯,就會被趕出地球。

These conditions are as favorable as they can possibly get for them. For this reason, many of them will begin to cooperate and actually genuinely accept the Light. Many were forced or born into Illuminati structure against their free will and many are acting out of deep trauma. Those who still refuse to cooperate, will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun after the Event


If they do not cooperate, and cooperate fast, the negotiating conditions may change, because the planetary and cosmic situation will change as the Galactic Central Sun is about to "sneeze".



翻譯:Patrick Shih

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