Don’t choose smaller size lingerie EVER!

2020/03/31 12:22:46 網誌分類: 生活
31 Mar

When choosing lingerie, some ladies will choose a smaller size bra or wear undersized lingerie to make them look smaller especially their breasts, but a wrong size bra or lingerie can create a lot of problems to your health, for example, back pain. So when choosing a piece of lingerie, comfortable is the key especially the plus size lingerie.

Photo source: standard.co.uk

I know the bigger woman sometimes always dreamed they have a smaller waist, smaller body, smaller breasts, etc but it takes effort to lose weight, for example through exercises and a proper diet plan and so on. However, choosing a smaller size lingerie does NOT work at all so don’t do it otherwise it will hurt you!

Being a plus sized is not something that you should be ashamed of,  one should be confident that no matter what their outlooks are, so do some good to yourself.

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