Running in the rain

2016/01/18 22:01:28 網誌分類: 時事
18 Jan

Morning. Downpour.

Saw on group chats photos of friends and other participants of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon running in the rain.

The dialogues were inundated with praises and encouraging remarks.

The weather of this year's Hong Kong Marathon was the worst on record. The general public admired the determination, zeal and stamina of the runners who decided to run despite the rain, the wind and the slippery roads. Their valour is an epitome of the noble spirit of mankind fighting against the adversities.

In the recollection of the writer, it is exceptional to have such long heavy showers in January. However, the writer hates to say that such extreme weather might become the new norm in the foreseeable future.

Not long ago, the writer watched a documentary looking into the occurrence of extreme weather in the UK in recent years. The presenter says that scientists are worried that because of global warming, the resultant melting of the ice in the North and South Poles would lead to extreme weather all over the world.

Some places have hot spells with drought while some faces snow storms or flooding. Just a few weeks ago, large areas of the north-western region of England were flooded.

Apart from extreme weather, extreme ideas related to xenophobia, religious fundamentalism and chauvinism, as well as extreme fluctuations in exchange rates and the stock market would bring havocs to everyday life.

The new year is full of challenges. To sail through it, not to mention taking advantage of the challenges, is undoubtedly a daunting task. The writer, not being omniscient, is unable to provide a surefire success formula.

Nonetheless, I do believe, in bad times or good times, stay healthy, positive, proactive and patient will help.

May the odds be with you!

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